Feels good to be back in the flash game scene =).

my new game is out! a Trashy Love Story

Amberialites: Tower of Endurance

2010-01-04 20:58:55 by Oddgoo

Play it here:

Amberialites: TTOE

Sorry for breaking the chain last time :(

Amberial Axis

2009-05-23 23:06:05 by Oddgoo

Ill make another shameless plug:

Amberial Axis

Thank you all for the support!

Amberial Axis

New Game! 4 pm

2008-09-09 01:44:58 by Oddgoo

VillaVanilla┬┤s new, simple, and tasty game.

New Game! 4 pm

you can play Amberial: Nebulosa Realms here !

thank you for your great feedback!

The Next Installment in the Amberial Series is here!

My First FrontPage !

2008-02-12 11:01:12 by Oddgoo

Shape-a-licious !

I Just want to thank you !